Welcome to TeachNorthern

TeachNorthern is our programme of education and teacher training qualifications.

It began in 2000, led by Lou Mycroft (who is the author of many of the blog posts on this site), and has since grown, and is continuing to grow, into a vibrant community of educators who want to change lives in their parts of the world (and further a field too).

Fog main houseThe Northern College’s mission is “to provide outstanding adult residential and community education for the empowerment and transformation of individuals and communities” (The Northern College, 2018).  This is something we have anchored closely to in all that we do.



A model of Social Purpose Education

TeachNorthern is about teaching for a social purpose.  Our “trainee teachers” (some of them hugely experienced) are drawn from the broadest of contexts; wherever young people and adults gather for an educational experience.  On any of our courses, we typically have a rich mix of volunteer, ‘proper job’ employed, freelance tutors, all ages, levels of confidence and experience, demographics; often dual professionals:  rehab workers/tutors, parent support workers/tutors, volunteer managers/tutors, arts workers/tutors.  They might operate in a single context or, as freelance teachers, across voluntary, community, trade union, private and public sectors of work.  What they have in common is a social purpose heart.

We take this social purpose model of teaching and apply it to our own teaching meaning that we TeachDifferent – find out more here

TeachNorthern now offers four different education /teacher training courses:

Introduction to Teaching and Learning Support this short course is aimed at those people who want to know more about teaching or supporting learning in schools, colleges or adult and community learning? It provides a taster of such work, enabling you to discover and decide on the pathway that is right for you.

Level 3 Award in Education and Training – this course continues to provide opportunities for people with a broad range of experience to get what they need, either to sharpen their practice or to test out whether teaching is for them.  (See Level 3 Award in Education and Training for more information).

Cert Ed/PGCEPgDipE – the full teacher training certificate for post-14 education, this qualification is an award of the University of Huddersfield and takes two years to complete part-time.  (Find out more here Cert Ed/PGCE/PgDipE Lifelong Learning )

BA (Hons) Education and Professional Development – usually available as a top-up from Cert Ed, this gets you to an honours degree in two  years, part-time. For self-directed students only! (See BA (Hons) Education and Professional Development to find out more).

If you’d like to know more about any of the courses then please do get in touch  (details here Contact Us). You can also contact us via Twitter @teachnorthern or leave comments for us here on this website.

The Northern College (2018) Our Mission (online) http://www.northern.ac.uk Accessed 27.06.18

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