Differentiated Learning: A Process

Some things I hate to see:  learning how to treat people with compassion and respect described as “the soft stuff” and the phrase ‘learning curve’ used as a euphemism for a negative experience.

The TeachNorthern CPD sessions at The Northern College last week were excitingly, exhiliaratingly, genuinely a Learning Curve.   The engagement of my (core and sessional) colleagues in refining not only the delivery but the process itself was beyond generosity – thanks to you all.

The revised notes from the day, in Powerpoint form, can be found here Differentiation and the Individual Learning Journey.

The ‘product’, I guess, of all this focused thinking, is a process (walked-through below) for planning differentiated learning.  Equally important were the discussions which allowed us to share and explore concept definitions and our own personal values.  Our next challenge is to embed the process systematically (and culturally) in our organisation.

When you read it you might think, “so simple, it’s embarrassing.”  But it might yet take impressive brain-power to fully instutitionalise it.

What do you think?

A Process for Differentiated Learning

1. Write the Scheme of Work
2. Confirm the selection.
3.  Continue initial assessment.
4.  Plan the sessions.
5.  Do some early values work with students.
6.  Each student to produce a) Individual (values-based) Learning Goals or b) complete a Differentiation Rubric (their goals in your words).  Starting point for returning students:  exit goals from last course.
7.  Plan in check-in points to assess progress against goals/set new goals.
8.  End of course IAG completed and new goals carried forward.

Author: TeachNorthern

We are hard working educators with passionate interest in Teaching for a Social Purpose. Everything we've learned is through observing colleagues and students, all of whom are committed to changing the world. And reading interesting stuff. We work at The Northern College in Barnsley and its mission (and thirty-eight year history) of social transformation makes it an ideal base to face the challenges of teaching adults in 21st century England.

One thought on “Differentiated Learning: A Process”

  1. I think this is blissfully simple, I don’t think we need to make anything complicated for it to work well. I think it’s the fact that your suggested route has built in reviews and incorporates both tutor and student input with assessing progress and goal setting. I love the fact it has ownership on both sides.

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