Social purpose education- definition!

Take strength from our synergy, educators!

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Tutors met in Leeds on the 4th Nov to discuss the SP Module. It was a really good event with some excellent debate and the sharing of ideas. Those present asked that the WEA offer a definition. This is challenging and possibly impossible but here are some to get us going. Do please join the debate.


Education for social purpose-some definitions for deliberation!


S.G. Raybould (1949) – “ I suggest that it means education which helps students to understand the society in which they live, and to change it in ways which seem to them desirable.”

Richard Smith – WEA Yorkshire and Humber Region tutor (2013)- “ The empowering of students to be effective and constructive change agents in society.”

Jol Miskin –WEA Regional Education Manager – “Education which connects the subject to contemporary social and political issues; which develops  creative, critical, questioning and challenging minds; which is…

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Author: TeachNorthern

We are hard working educators with passionate interest in Teaching for a Social Purpose. Everything we've learned is through observing colleagues and students, all of whom are committed to changing the world. And reading interesting stuff. We work at The Northern College in Barnsley and its mission (and thirty-eight year history) of social transformation makes it an ideal base to face the challenges of teaching adults in 21st century England.

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