Exploring Prevent and FBV through Philosophical Inquiry

First published on Kay Sidebottom’s blog http://www.adventuresinlifelonglearning.blogspot.co.uk

Final report – Exploring Prevent and FBV through philosophical enquiry

We are pleased to share here the final report for our Huddersfield- Consortium funded project into Prevent and Fundamental British Values (FBV). Our aim with this project was to facilitate spaces for educators to explore the issues arising from this challenging agenda; using community philosophy as a tool to enable critical thinking and meaningful debate.  As a result of undertaking the process, teachers were overwhelmingly keen to instigate ‘pro-social’ methods of student engagement, considering ways to encourage belonging and a shared sense of identity in their classrooms.  You can read more in the report below; comments and observations very welcome.

Kay Sidebottom and Karol Thornton
Northern College, September 2016


Author: TeachNorthern

We are hard working educators with passionate interest in Teaching for a Social Purpose. Everything we've learned is through observing colleagues and students, all of whom are committed to changing the world. And reading interesting stuff. We work at The Northern College in Barnsley and its mission (and thirty-eight year history) of social transformation makes it an ideal base to face the challenges of teaching adults in 21st century England.

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