About Us

Who are we?  A ‘Community of Praxis’, an online and face-to-face community of people who are passionate about social purpose education.  Our work is rhizomatic, we combine and inspire each other in different ways, pick each other up when we’ve come off worst against ‘The Man’, seek every opportunity to change the world.  Last academic year, we had the chance to research what we’re about; click here to link to  Social Purpose Spaces Research Report July 2014.

These are our spaces:

– face-to-face on the TeachNorthern Teacher Education Programme http://www.northern.ac.uk/content/?id=37

– online via Twitter @teachnorthern  Look out for the hashtags #teachdifferent #communityofpractice #tdblogs #tdtalks etc

– face-to-face on the TeachDifferent CPD Programme – watch this space for 2014-15 opportunities

– online via Facebook, look out for Lou Northern and search for the Community of Praxis: Teach Different group and TeachNorthern page

– face-to-face in the TeachDifferent Cafe, we meet in the Blue Room at Northern College every half-term.  Next one:  10am-12noon on Monday 10th November.

– online via Yammer, a closed social media space which is very welcoming and easy to join – just email l.mycroft@northern.ac.uk for your invitation

We also have a presence on Pearltrees, LinkedIn and, from time to time, Eventbrite, all of which we’re developing this year, so watch this space.

Really hope you’ll join us.  We’re getting to be a bit of a movement 🙂


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