About the Digital Nurse

The role of Digital Nurse has emerged, slightly tongue-in-cheek, out of the expressed needs of students on our blended learning teacher education programme at The Northern College. Funded by some of our fabulous projects and armed with a systems analysis background and lots of chutzpah, Tom Monaghan flies in on and off-line to provide a quality of support which is driven by pedagogy and the student experience.  images-6This is not a service for password resets; it’s a service that teaches you how to store and reset your own passwords, becoming more resilient in the process.

The Digital Nurse emerged out of our FAB Projects, alongside the FAB Model of digital resilience which we explore elsewhere.  This same model holds good for other aspects of resilience and we are testing a new role of Academic Skills Nurse from 2016.

New challenges require new concepts and definitions.  Leading edutech thinkers all agree – in education, pedagogy must lead the digital revolution.  But until educators themselves are able to grow their own confidence and resilience, all the tech in the world will make no difference to the quality of learning.

To find out more about the Digital Nurse role, talk to Tom himself @plookit  Academic Skills Nurse Claire Kelly can be reached @clairekelly24


One thought on “About the Digital Nurse”

  1. I like this. ‘Tongue in cheek or not’, it implies a supportive learning environment beyond those that can be ‘expected’. Digital by default is not everybody’s cup of tea & the availability of someone to help with the little niggles that occur with ICT is a brilliant concept. It will smooth the learning pathway for many students who are just not up to date with digital ‘stuff’.
    Well done to Northern College for this innovation & long may it continue. Anyone who knows Tom will know just how supportive he is & a solution, no matter how small, will be at hand in an instant. Best wishes, Trevor

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