About the Ten Components

The Ten Components are the values-base of the Thinking Environment.  In this context, each of these mostly familiar concepts has a precise definition.  A Thinking Environment is in place when these components are held in balance.  They allow the very best thinking to happen.

As defined by Nancy Kline (2009), the components are:

1.  Attention

Listening with palpable respect and without interruption.

2.  Equality

Treating each other as thinking peers.

Giving equal turns and attention.

Keeping agreements and boundaries.

3.  Ease

Offering freedom from internal rush or urgency.

4.  Appreciation

Offering genuine acknowledgement of a person’s qualities.

Practising a 5:1 ratio of appreciation to criticism.

5.  Encouragement

Giving courage to go to the cutting edge of ideas by moving beyond internal competition.

6.  Feelings

Allowing sufficient emotional release to restore thinking.

7.  Information

Supplying the facts.

Dismantling denial.

8.  Diversity

Welcoming divergent thinking and diverse group identities.

9.  Incisive Questions (copyright Time to Think)

Removing assumptions that limit our ability to think for ourselves clearly and creatively.

10.  Place

Creating a physical environment that says back to people “You matter.”

The Time to Think website http://www.timetothink.com offers an opportunity to analyse your ease with the ten components via a very enlightening questionnaire!


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