Escaping The Vortex: 30 Day Blogging Challenge September 2014

Each September, I dread going back to work.  This is no reflection of the joy I take from my work at The Northern College, as a social purpose educator.  It’s a chemical thing and it’s about how I work – passionately, intensively, all-or-nothing.  I embrace what my friend @johnsmalwood refers to as ‘The Vortex’, which is obsessive, exciting…and ultimately can’t be sustained, at least not without cost to health.

That sort of working is difficult to switch off from; once switched off, even the thought of switching back on freaks me out.  I know some things that help – giving myself a couple of annual leave ‘transition’ days at the start of the year, knowing when I’ll next get a break, drawing on support networks (my cortisol levels have already dropped slightly thanks to an early morning Twitter chat). Developing healthy habits (and avoiding unhealthy ones) is an aspiration I have every year and one I’ve never managed to achieve. If I’m lucky, I might get to Christmas before the usual addictions descend.

This year will be different.  (Yeah yeah, easy to say, but if you don’t shoot for the moon, etc…)  I’m aware, which helps.  I’m determined to write myself a new story.  And that’s the key – if I can set aside some time each day to write, keep doing that every day for at least a month, I might form a healthy habit which will provide some respite when The Vortex comes to claim me.  So that’s why, inspired by @kaysoclearn I’m going to take on the Reflective Teaching 30 Day Blogging Challenge:

Reflective Teaching: A 30-Day Blogging Challenge For Teachers

Will you join me?






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