Day 2 – 2nd September 2014

Day two’s challenge is to write about one piece of technology I’d like to try using this year.  Reflecting on this has caused me to realise how wobbly I am (still) on some of the basics, so before I move on, I’d like to put some of that out there:

I freak out about passwords – they seem to get more and more complex, and harder to remember.  I tried the Dashlane app, to keep passwords together, but then (ta da!) lost the password…this experience made me realise that I had a real lack of confidence around digital security, probably caused by being frightened and scolded so much by security scare-stories.  I am completely comfortable about other aspects of digital identity and I know how to keep myself safe.

I use a Mac – which does not make me unusual.  Why is it, then, that organisations don’t consider Mac users when they invest heavily in those Microsoft platforms, eg Sharepoint, which are incompatible with Apple?  It seems that the dichotomous PC/Mac dispute takes no prisoners – another example of that either/or thinking which is poisonous to the world.  While the big two (and their closed mind adherents) are raging, online work is getting tougher for Joe Ordinary here.  Stop it.

(Just a quick aside to say I’m feeling physically uncomfortable writing all of this which, to my old-fashioned way of thinking, probably means that it’s doing me good).

I don’t understand storage – I can conceptualise what the Cloud is, I just don’t know how and when I’m using it.  Why is my phone always running out of capacity?  Why does my Dropbox say it’s full, when I’ve just put half of my files in the Trash?  Why do I need an external hard drive if I can put things in the Cloud?  Where do I get one from? When do/don’t I need to pay for extra storage? How can I tell my devices where to save stuff?  Why does some stuff sync and some stuff not?  Why can I never get Bluetooth to work?

Oh yes.  There’s a lot there.  And yet I present as a ‘techie’ to some people, because I’ve pioneered thinking about digital literacy and social media communication.  And I’m realising that, at 48 years old and despite being one of the first people in Mexborough to have a Sinclair Spectrum, I have never visited the sort of first principles the Government is now introducing to primary schools – coding is talked about a lot, but hopefully storage and internet safety too.  Only learning applications (as I have done) means that, essentially, you spend your life winging it.

Oh and by the way – it’s Google+ I’m going to master, before the end of this first term.  After that, who knows what shiny new thing will catch my eye?  But I’m hoping to get some help and support with the simple stuff, too.



4 thoughts on “Day 2 – 2nd September 2014”

  1. I think I can help with most of that.

    The techie details are what put people off IT. I admire you for revealing what you don ‘t know, but little of it really matters. What matters most in my opinion is your innovative ways of using tech , looking at new things, bypassing the controlled bits that don’t work or are clunky.

    I can help. Some paper and drawings of clouds and networks, protocols, packets, might do it, commonly known in our house as sleeping tablets.

    “Tom, tell me about the clouds”.

    “Well now , the cloud is comprised…….”


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