Ruth Tutor North

This story was posted by Ruth Tutor North on the Community of Praxis Facebook Page.  Ruth works at The Northern College.

This lunchtime the first run of Understanding Dyslexia ended, fairly triumphantly! Thank you to colleagues Steve Jones and Dave Pedley for their amazing input as well as to my lovely students.

The course developed, as new courses do, along rare and unexpected lines. We can plan so much in the staffroom but the real test is in the classroom on the day and it was a fascinating and often challenging experience this week.

For once, there was a majority of people with dyslexia in the room, making this a uniquely powerful teaching and learning experience for all of us, including the lexic. This never happens for dyslexic learners – a dyslexic person is usually alone in a non-dyslexic classroom – dyslexia affects one in ten of us – but in this group the world was turned on its head for a short while.

As a result of discussions on this course I’ve emailed some small but powerful changes that we could make here at college, to my teaching colleagues.

I am not always the active member of society I want to be but maybe this week I did something real.

Ruth also recommends this Dyslexia Style Guide, produced by the British Dyslexia Association:


2 thoughts on “Ruth Tutor North”

  1. I read the Dyslexia Syle Guide and found it really helpful. In my previous teaching, I haven’t had many dyslexic learners and I am only just starting to explore ways to help people with dyslexia in language classes. Now, I think about coloured photocopies and backgrounds for presentations. Thanks to the wonderful community of praxis, I have met some fantastic people with dyslexia and I have seen how through social purpose teaching they have shown their beautiful and creative personalities and have been able to talk to us about the difficulties they had during school. This is one aspect of the myriad of learning I have had this year through #teachnorthern #teaching for a social purpose. I hope to be able to express all of this amazing experience in future blogs.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Gill – I’ll pass it on to Ruth, too. I am continually inspired in my practice by Ruth’s determination to make her teaching better and better for all her students and particularly those with dyslexia. I’m learning so much from her.

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