Element 1 – The Study Day

There are three opportunities to attend the Study Day:  4th December 2013, 17th January 2014 (with a reserve alternate day of 7th February in case of snow) and 8th March 2014.

There are sixteen places on each study day.  We’re delighted with the progress of our recruitment so far.  It’s lovely to be welcoming a mix of old and new friends.

The theme of the study day is ‘Come As You Are’.  We’re aiming for a balance of challenge and ease, so that participants feel stimulated to think for and as themselves, about how they can more effectively embed diversity into their practice.  We know that you are the experts in your own contexts.  What we can do is give you some basic tools and, hopefully, the time and space to figure out how to make best use of them.

One off training days are challenging and the temptation is to cut down on ease.  We’ve tried to resist that.  We’re hopeful that the Community of Praxis via Twitter, Yammer, this blog and, if you choose to use it, our private Facebook group, will provide a colleagiate space for you to deepen and extend your thinking once the day is over.  Via the research project, we’ll be checking in with you on how it’s all going too.

Here’s the plan for the day and a copy of the presentation slides.  Don’t hold me hostage to the timings I’ve planned though 🙂


2 thoughts on “Element 1 – The Study Day”

    1. Hi Steve, great that you want to be involved. We’ve still got a few places left for January 17th, so please let me have your application (300 words on what the impact of this would be for you) by email and I’ll get back to you and confirm. Ta!

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