Element 2 – The Coached Practicum

Four applicants from each Study Day will be selected for the Practicum and assigned an experienced Thinking Environment Coach.  The Practicum is free of charge and will last approximately two months, with dates and times being mutually agreed between coach and coachee.

With the coaches @ajwright69, @kaysoclearn and @lesleywhiting I’ve been figuring out a process for selection to the Practicum.  We’re thinking (perhaps optimistically) that more people might want to progress to the Practicum than we have places for (and this is one place we can’t make the money stretch further).  So there’s an application process which the coaches will turn around quickly; proper feedback of course to all who apply.

What we imagine will happen is that the study day will be all that some participants need, to take their ideas forward with confidence into their work.  Others will appreciate the extra time and generative attention the coached Practicum will provide.  Coaching offers a truly differentiated path through the learning.  Each of the coaches is trained in Thinking Environment approaches, which ensure the coachee’s thinking will take centre stage.  We’ve published some guidance which hopefully gives a flavour of the way we work.


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