Element 4 – Reflexive Materials

There are a lot of embedding diversity resources out there (on the internet, in educator’s attics) which are genuinely meant, thoughtfully produced – and never used.  It is not the intention of this programme to invest public money in adding to this dragon’s lair of treasure.  What we are about is strengthening you to find it and make use of it yourselves, if that’s right for you.

Having said that, there are ideas, questions and activities which we used on the study day, which you may wish to take into your own practice.  We therefore offer the treasure here as a gift for you, knowing you will use it well.

(nb we use ‘reflexion’ rather than reflection to counter any assumptions of navel-gazing.  Reflexion is about knowing why you do what you do and it’s about bringing in wider perspectives – a diversity version, if you like.  Reflexion will involve a connection with your own values and it will involve thinking about all that impacts upon you, in that moment).

Click on the links, below, to download Word documents full of ideas.

Would you like to read, watch or hear more about diversity?  

Check out our list of resources – the stuff that’s been inspiring us as we planned the programme.  We’d love to keep this list live, so please let us know what else you think should be on there.

Would you like activities to help you reflect, alone?

This is often the most difficult call of all.  We can all think and ponder, but to do so alone sometimes gets you caught up in a cycle of “I’m not good enough.”  We like these personal  reflexion activities to help us avoid that trap.

How about activities that help you reflect with one other, in a pair?

Thinking Pairs (an application of the Thinking Environment) and their variant Dialogue are really great for giving you that generative attention, that so helps thinking.  You can do them face-to-face, by Skype or FaceTime, or on the phone.  We find our monthly blogging group brilliant for this too – somehow knowing others are occupying the same virtual space really frees up thinking.  Here’s some of the stuff that we do.

Finally, activities which help groups reflect together.

There’s something about thinking together as a group, which is incredibly rich, bringing with it, of course, that diversity of perspectives.  Here are three Thinking Environment applications for you to consider:  The Diversity Process (we used this on the study day), Thinking Rounds (and these!) and the Time to Think Council.

For more about the Thinking Environment, check back herehere and here.  You might also want to get hold of a copy of More Time to Think (2009) by Nancy Kline, or have a look at the Time to Think website.

These materials will stay here and there will be a link here from the Yammer space for programme participants.  During March 2014, we are going to find out if a social media campaign adds anything to the uptake of these stimuli.

Please use the comments space, below, to let us know if you’ve tried anything out, or suggest inspiration of your own.


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