About The Community of Praxis

The Community of Praxis is a network of students, graduates, tutors and critical friends who share a common interest in social purpose education.  It operates across freely available social media and – whenever possible – face to face.

The community began as a closed Facebook group for Cert Ed/PGCE participants at The Northern College, has developed a momentum of its own and I’ve blogged about it elsewhere, here and here.  As communities go, it’s not put a foot wrong (yet) and it has Bluebellssustained creativity and engagement through difficult times.  It is rhizomatic in nature, operating organically, persistently and subversively, driven by the energy of many.

We learned a couple of years go (see our Social Purpose Spaces research here) that different voices are amplified in different spaces, on- and off-line.  We’re all about diversity and those findings have powered us on, to explore blogging projects, Twitter chats and YamJams, using Yammer for learning cohorts, team communication and work-planning, writing articles and speaking at conferences, as well as our vital bread-and-butter work of teaching and facilitating social purpose thinking.

Our intention has always been to bring social purpose education into the mainstream. There’s still a way to go, but as the Community of Praxis diversifies in its rhizomatic, unexpected way, unexpected things are happening.  I don’t know where this will take us, but I’m hopeful. And that’s exciting.

Find us at:

Facebook:  Community of Praxis:  TeachDifferent, Tutor Voices, TeachDifferent India 2016, SEN Adult Education Yorkshire.

Twitter: too many to mention, but @teachnorthern and @loumycroft as starting points.

LinkedIn: Community of Praxis:  TeachNorthern

Google: TeachDifferent Writing Room

YouTube: Teach Northern

Plus various Padlets, Magistos, Voices and Jings and everything we can find that helps us to connect, and think better together.  Please see our Eventbrite Calendar for details of free opportunities to get together, and of course our annual TeachDifferent Conference.

Dance with us.




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