Cert Ed/PGCE/PgDipE Lifelong Learning

The Cert Ed/PGCE/PgDipE is an Award of The University of Huddersfield, who are our collegiate partners and critical friends.

This part-time, in-service course takes the robust, standard framework of the Cert Ed (if you don’t have a degree) or PGCE/PgDipE (if you do) and lays over it a curriculum of social purpose education.

The TeachNorthern model of Social Purpose Education

It’s the most exciting, stimulating Cert Ed/PGCE/PgDipE out there and it’s perfect for anyone who is working with adults and young people in a transformational way. It’s a teaching qualification that makes you think and one which has a social purpose heart.  If you “just need the qualification” you’ll find it will turn your thinking inside out*, if you love learning it’s absolutely the one for you.

What’s different is that we believe education could be so much more than it currently is. Our starting point is that every human being has the potential to grow, develop, question and change the world through education.  Stirring stuff, but we also believe in teaching the technicalities of teaching practice and academic writing with clarity and depth.

It’s a deeply reflexive course and one which blends dialogic face-to-face discussion with the opportunities afforded by technology to take the learning further, online.  As you’ll see elsewhere on this blog, we passionately believe in the democratising potential of social media and we will support you all the way to explore this in your own practice. Going online gives us the opportunity to support you when you need support; more than that, it builds community.

Few of our students work in traditional adult education settings, such as colleges and schools** Many are adult community educators, or trade union educators.  They may be employed as family workers, addiction workers, community workers…some are sole traders or work with charities and social enterprises. Some too work for private training companies. What everyone has in common is that social purpose mission:  education as the practice of freedom and hope.

Staying closely aligned to the Education and Training Foundation’s Professional Standards, we believe that the teacher of 2018 is digitally, dialogically and democratically professional and we’ll work together with you to help you unpick all those concepts and connect them with your own values and teaching identity.

Above all, this course is about new thinking.  Not just yours, but the thinking of new or previously ignored educational thinkers – a diverse, exciting, awakening curriculum. We’d love you to join us.

The Science Bit

The course takes two years, very part time***.  It’s your responsibility to secure 50 hours teaching (we don’t care at all whether this is paid or unpaid). Unfortunately we can’t provide placements for you on the grounds that if we can’t provide for all, we can’t provide for one.  We view teaching very broadly:  you may call it training, coaching, facilitation, workforce development, group work…if you’re in any doubt contact us. Whatever your work, it needs to be with people aged 14 and over.

You’ll need a degree (any classification), broadly in your subject area, for PGCE or PgDipE – we do know that people change direction in their lives.  You’ll need a subject qualification for Cert Ed too – there are many things this could be, so if you’re not sure please get in touch. You don’t need English and Maths qualifications at this stage, but if you don’t have them we’ll support you to get them whilst on-programme, because not having them will significantly hold you back in the job market.

Please see here for CertEd/PGCE/PgDipE Dates 2018/19 and apply you can apply here. We are hoping to recruit two cohorts of students and we welcome cross-pollination between the two sets of dates.  The fee is £3585 per year, which is in line with The University of Huddersfield’s charging policy and  is fundable by Student Finance England:  see here to apply for your loan.  As well as the tuition fee, we also provide huge amounts of online support via our Community of Praxis, regular Writing Bootcamps and Academic & Digital Skills Workshops, gorgeous surroundings and more belief in you than you can shake a stick at.

Although we are a residential College, this programme isn’t funded residentially, though you are welcome to stay overnight with us for a (very) reasonable fee.  We also have a lovely dining room and all the affordances of a modernised stately home, including great views.

There’s so much more we could tell you, but we don’t want to overwhelm you at this stage! Get in touch with us**** visit us – and keep an eye on the Home page of this blog for welcome events.   We hope you’ll decide to come and join us.

*You may not want this, of course 😉

**Since 2012, this qualification has had parity with school-teacher training, under certain conditions.  Please contact us for more information.

***If you have a Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training, or very significant qualifications and experience of teaching, there is an APEL route into the second year. Please contact Ali Longden in the first instance alongden@northern.ac.uk

**** You can email the Ali at alongden@northern.ac.uk or Jill at jwilkens@northern.ac.uk