Community of Praxis Events

The Community of Praxis is how social purpose educators, gathering around the TeachDifferent programme, engage and communicate with one another.  It is so named, because its purpose is to improve pedagogy, its mission to change the world.  Paolo Freire famously defined ‘praxis’ as:  “Action and reflection upon the world, in order to change it.” (Freire, 1970).  The Community of Praxis was set up to provide a safe, nurturing and challenging space in which to reflect.  An unexpected outcome is the involvement of critical friends from across the ether, social purpose educators wanting to share energy and knowledge, and to be refreshed 🙂

One feature of the Community of Praxis is that it doesn’t just exist for the backchannel discussions, it happens in the classroom too.  At least half of all Cert Ed/PGCE sessions are set aside for the Community of Praxis.  They are sharply planned to a flexible session (download the session plan here), which allows all those who wish to participate to rock up at 9.30am and figure out what they want to do with the day.  If this sounds a bit vague, don’t be fooled.  The amount and quality of work that takes place on those days is immense and can be evidenced by the improvement in Year 2 Cert Ed/PGCE final grades since the introduction of the Community of Praxis sessions.

We also meet for real, every couple of months – whoever is there are the right people!  Email to find out when the next ‘Praxis Meet’ is.

Online, you can join us at:

A fantastic resource for finding out more about our TeachDifferent approach, including information on the Teach Northern courses available.

Search for: Community of Praxis: Teach Different
Join in our lively discussions about Teaching for a Social Purpose.

Read about why we use Facebook here.

The first Tuesday of every month 8 – 9pm is our Teaching for a Social Purpose Twitter chat. Join in the conversation by including #TeachDifferent in your tweets.

Find out about #TeachDifferent and read last month’s chat here.

Freire, P (1970) Pedagogy of the Oppressed  London, Allen Lane/Penguin


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