TeachDifferent Cafe

We meet bi-monthly in the Blue Room Costa Cafe at The Northern College and you are welcome to join us.  We held our inaugural meeting in October, when about a dozen of us came together to drink coffee and share our thoughts about how to make the best use of the opportunity meeting up provides for us.  We opened and closed with a question, which reflected our wish that the space be a Thinking Environment (see http://www.timetothink.com).

The real-time meets give the chance to re-energise in the company of others who share our social purpose values.  No-one funds the intiative; we buy our own coffee (at a very reasonable price :-)).  We each stand the cost of the time away from our working day.  Those of us who attended in October found that the Monday morning timing poured energy into the week at an exhausting time of year.

We are meeting again, same venue, on 16th December 2013 10am – 12noon.  We’ll open and close with a question, then spend the first half of the session exploring emotional resilience; the second half considering ways to support one another’s work in practical ways.  Who ever turns up, is the right people.  Come and join us, if that’s you.


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