TeachDifferent TwitterChat #teachdifferent

The #teachdifferent TwitterChat happens 8pm – 9pm on the first Tuesday of every month (excluding August).  It was inspired and has been ably led by @kaysoclearn.  The purpose of the TwitterChat is to open up key debates around social purpose education to the world, in order to gather different ideas and perspectives.  We love having our thinking challenged and refined.

Read June 2013‘s TwitterChat on Storify here. #teamnorthern ‘usual suspects’ were joined by friends and strangers to discuss what makes our own teaching ‘different’.

The July 2013 TwitterChat focused around making theorists our friends.  Click here to see it ‘Storified’ 🙂  It was such a buzzing discussion that we got #teachdifferent trending!

In September 2013 the question ‘storified’ here was ‘What have you learned over the summer, that will help you to #teachdifferent this Autumn?’ We were a small but select group and it was a fascinating discussion.

‘What is teaching?’ was the question for October 2013, storified here.  The buzz spilled out into the classroom that time and the discussions continued.

In November 2013, we tweeted about reflexion/reflection and it was a delight to welcome some new faces.  Read what happened here.

Please come and join us, at 8pm on 3rd December 2013.  We’ve not got a question yet, so please do tweet @teachnorthern if you’ve got an idea for one!  If you’ve not participated in a TwitterChat before, it can be initially bewildering, but it’s very exciting.  The important thing is to remember to use the #teachdifferent hashtag in all your posts.  You can then search on #teachdifferent to see what others have had to say – these may be people that you don’t follow, so their posts won’t appear in your Twitterfeed.  By following #teachdifferent, rather than your main Twitterfeed, you’ll be able to read what’s going on – and expand your pool of interesting connections too.


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