#TD16 Posthuman Realness

***TEACHDIFFERENT 2016 – 1st July at The Northern College

It’s time to announce details of our fourth annual TeachDifferent conference at The Northern College.  This year has been tough, but the rhizome is working…there are signs of life in the sector and in politics more widely that we really could be influencing what education is.  This year’s theme is Posthuman Education – a new way of thinking*.

Booking is via Eventbrite:  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/teachdifferent-2016-posthuman-education-tickets-19975852312?aff=ebrowse

Tickets are starting to fly.  For the first time, we don’t have funding, so we are having to ask for a cover charge of £30.  This will cover costs only – we are not in the business of making a profit out of your thinking. All staff and volunteers are giving their time for free.  And we believe that the optimism, energy and hope you take away from the day will make every penny worth it.

As TeachNorthern we push the boundaries of what education is or could be.  Our values-based social purpose approach challenges the ‘sausage factory’ of further, adult and community education in the UK and the exponential growth of our programme is all the proof we need that educators want to work in this way, whatever the funding or ideological constraints are.

We’ve been exploding perceptions of ‘diversity’ for a few years now, moving into thinking about identities and what happens at the intersections of these.  Now we want to shift your thinking away from standpoints altogether – another view of the world for just one day.  This is ‘posthuman’.  Moving away from identity politics rooted in pain for just long enough to assemble with others for affirmative action.  We don’t have to empathise, agree, or even understand each other, to be able to work together.

We hope that this day actively results in energy hotspots which will inspire future action and we’ll be using our own energies and the ease of the Thinking Environment to make that happen.  We hope you will join us, and join in.

And make no mistake – this day is about (as RuPaul would say) REALNESS.  You’ll come away fired up to change real and tangible things in your practice, and with very many ideas of how to do so.  Teaching events are so often about stuff, but we are all about the thinking.  Don’t let the impostor keep you at home!

(If you want to find out more about posthuman theory check out here https://voice.adobe.com/a/D3DDX/ here http://www.adventuresinlifelonglearning.blogspot.com or for a tough but rewarding read, check out Rosi Braidotti, who inspired us in Utrecht last summer.  And if you really want to boggle your mind, watch Uterus Man on YouTube 😉 ).

We are currently finalising the programme, and you can look forward to workshops around:

  • art and activism
  • the #whitecurriculum and ‘becoming’
  • rhizomatic learning and the FAB Projects
  • affirmative action and change
  • digital activism and different kinds of ‘politics’
  • The Language of Respect – Laura Mole Chapman
  • global and environmental action tbc

Please contact @loumycroft or @kaysidebottom (or leave a comment here) if you have any queries; if you prefer to email you’ll find a quick response at l.mycroft@northern.ac.uk

And do please share, using the #TD16 hashtag.  The demands of the year have left us putting this out there pretty late, but love to see you there.  Thank you.

*BANISH THE IMPOSTOR.  Yes the posthuman stuff is grounded in theory but this day is all about making it real 🙂