This year we have asked conference delegates to share some words of appreciation to recognise colleagues who have inspired, supported them or gone above and beyond the call of duty over the past year.

It’s not too late to add your words too.  Just email with a short nomination and we will add your appreciation below.

Rob Gant
nominated by Kay Sidebottom
“Over this past year Rob has supported a number of diploma students with their academic work, providing support that goes above and beyond his usual duties.  Without his teaching and pastoral interventions it is likely that a number of students wouldn’t have progressed or achieved their full potential.  He has been instrumental in the development of processes that foster academic resilience and is leading the way in new thinking in this area.   Rob has also produced outstanding reflective work for his PGCE which has been truly reflexive, inspirational, and a joy to read.”
Northern College Library staff
nominated by Pippa Maud
“There are so many people I appreciate at Northern College.
Having been a student at Northern College for nearly seventeen months, I have spent much time in the library, at first I would sit quietly doing my work; I would often be asked by the library staff if everything was o.k. As my confidence started to grow, and their faces became familiar, I became more confident asking questions, and finding out the best way to source information.
The staff are very supportive, nothing is too much trouble, they have have helped and guided me
through some difficult assignments.
I always thank them for their support, especially Helen and Phil (Fitz ), but feel that this is an ideal opportunity to show my appreciation.
Thank you to you all.”
Heather Odell (Harrogate College)
nominated by Louise Mycroft
“Heather’s leadership of her peer group during a challenging learning situation was patient, assertive and compassionate.  When the situation finally began to turn around, she was immediately able to overcome any understandably negative thoughts and offer her welcome support to integrate new tutors into the process at a crucial time.  With the clock ticking, the positive mindset Heather’s input engendered was able to ensure fabulous outcomes for everyone in the group.”
 Debbie Potts (Manchester College)
nominated by Greg Hewitt
“Debbie teaches many trade union members and others who have had a late introduction to education. She does this with great patience and a strong sense of belonging to a class. Personally Debbie has encouraged me never to give up even when you are the lowest ebb, she encourages you in such a way that it seems to make sense that you don’t give in. I am sure I am not the only one?
Debbie has that great ability of being able to educate, whilst you are unaware your being educated. Her classes are always fun and interesting with a view to linking in tangents you may never have thought of.”
I appreciate Debbie because she does all this without thinking she is doing anything unusual. I believe Debbie deserves recognition for everything  she adds to our education systems.
Janet Ryalls
nominated by Alison Longden
“Janet is a true social purpose educator who works selflessly in a very challenging environment. Her awareness of, and commitment to, the needs of her learners and her community is inspirational. Without people like Janet, the world would be a poorer place.”
Kay Sidebottom
nominated by Jane Newton
“Kay has inspired my teaching practices, shown me a different way of being in the world through Nancy Kline’s work, she has changed my life and empowered me, given me a confidence boost and made me feel safe in education, this has trickled out into my work, family life and relationships.”

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