Weekly Digest from the Community of Praxis

We’ve been researching how the community works and we’ve had some fabulous responses – thanks to all who have responded to the survey.  One request was for a weekly digest of what’s been happening across the community and we’re going to attempt that here.  It sounds both a really good idea and a bit of a stretch to the limit moment (the Community of Praxis is completely unfunded).  But also a really lovely thing to do on a Sunday, if I’m around.  So, here goes…

Week commencing 2nd June 2014

The WEA Think Differently project really kicked into action this week, with a two-day residential at The Northern College and lots of buzz under the hashtag #WEAnewleaf on Twitter.  The aim of the project is to bring together tutors from the North West, Yorkshire and Humber and the South East of England, from WEA, The Northern College and East Surrey College, to look at radical and creative new ways of recruiting, supporting, teaching, learning, assessing and evaluating learning.  “Getting rid of the paperwork” was the major theme.  Seven cross-theme, cross-organisation, cross-region projects have been identified and a new Yammer network is proving an effective means of communication.  We are hoping that the learning from this fabulous two days will have replicability across further education and beyond.  Watch this space!

This month’s Twitter chat on #teachdifferent was inspired by #WEAnewleaf, as we considered the question ‘What would have to change, for teaching and learning to become the first priority of education?”  Inspiring stuff, check it out on Twitter #teachdifferent and we’ll post a Storify if we can figure out the bugs it seems to have picked up…

As the four-week ‘uncourse’ #TDReflex14 came to an end, a new cohort of wonderful thinkers began the Reflexion Programme, which continues into five Day 2s shortly, continuing to stretch thinking around both the Thinking Environment and digital literacy.  The Facebook Groups are quite quiet, but may fire up during my stint on the Facebook stage at the Festival of Education on 20th June!

Yammer continues to provide a supportive environment for current learning groups, such as Award 4 and the Level 4 Certificate group, with everything from Reflexion to working with older students around reminiscence being themes this week.  We’ve also been offering support to an ESOL tutor wanting to learn the intricacies of English Grammar!

In College, the Level 4 group continues to expand and support one another and we look forward to welcoming a new Level 3 group this week.  Both the Diversity Programme and the Social Purpose Spaces Action Research Project are beginning to reveal extraordinary learning about why we do what we do.

Finally for this week, if you’re anywhere near The Northern College tomorrow (Monday 9th June) please do join us for our Community of Praxis coffeemeet at 10am in the Blue Room Cafe 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Weekly Digest from the Community of Praxis”

  1. I think anything that will reduce paper work will be of interest to many . Speaking for myself , yammer is easy ( once your on it ! ) , quick , informative and a rather creative way in which we can communicate , not only with our own specific groups but across the whole Teach Northern network , even beyond , eventually .

  2. I think it can only be seen as forward thinking : tutors across the UK working together , finding ways to implement change ; offering each other a support network when trying to bring about positive , new changes , knowing that there are people who will never accept change, ( what a challenge ! ) .

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